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Working principle
The single-layer glass reactor mainly uses the characteristics of its double-layer glass. The reaction material (somewhat called reaction solvent) can be placed in the middle layer, and the reaction can be stirred under normal pressure or negative pressure. In this way, the medium in the interlayer of the glass reactor (such as: refrigerating liquid, heating water or heating oil) is stirred to perform a cyclic reaction to achieve heating or cooling.
1. The glass parts of the whole machine adopt 3.3 high borosilicate glass, which has excellent physical and chemical properties, high and low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
2. Equipped with AC induction servo motor, stable operation, large torque, automatic force increase, no sparks, and long life.
3. Electronic stepless speed regulation, digital display of speed.
4. PTFE long-term sealing, PTFE stirring rod, to ensure high vacuum, to avoid cross contamination of materials.
5. Large multi-function port, easy to feed and clean
6. The cold-rolled steel plate welded electrostatic spraying machine shell, aluminum alloy fasteners, universal casters with brakes, the overall structure is stable.
7. Constant pressure feeding, double-effect snake condenser, reflux device, complete configuration, distillation, reflux and extraction can be carried out.
8. All tetrafluoroethylene discharge materials are convenient and practical.
9. Optional, water bath, oil bath, electric heating mantle heating, convenient and practical.
10. The overall structure is scientific, novel, practical and beautiful, leading the domestic industry.
Product name and specification DF-10L
Counter should bottle 10L
Bottle mouth number 7
Electricity AC220V
Stirring power 90W1/3 deceleration
Transfer speed 60~600rpm
1. Dilute sulfuric acid can be used to clean serious stains on the glass.
2. Always check the degree of wear (corrosion) of the sealing ring, and replace the worn (corroded) sealing ring in time to ensure that the equipment is in a vacuum state.
Special Note
1. This series of reactors can be customized according to customer requirements.
2. Please read the instructions carefully before use. These instructions should be used by actual users.
3. The power connection must have a reliable grounding wire to ensure that the shell is safely grounded.
4. When disassembling, cleaning and using the instrument, please avoid electric shock to prevent damage.
5. If the reaction is flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive or valuable materials, the user must take corresponding safety measures and comply with relevant safety operating procedures.
6. For valuable materials, a simulated process test must be performed first, and then converted to normal use when it is determined that the equipment can meet the process requirements.
7. After the reaction is completed, the power should be cut off Reactor Equipment manufacturers

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