Baby Plastic Potty Seat factory

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Our History  
Bei Yu Industrial Co. was founded in 1986.
We have 30 years of professional technology in design and manufacture, also the advanced mold design & manufacture technology, strict quality control, and the competitive price evaluated at the same side of fence with customers.
Our design, manufacturing, ODM & export in maternity and baby product have gained a renowned reputation in domestic and overseas market.
Our Factory  
We have the ability to produce products with the weight under 3000 grams and the minimum tolerance within 卤0.01mm for small-scale.
Our Product  
Baby Plastic Products (Bathtub, Potty, Step Stool, Stroller hook, Feeding tray, Booster Seat, Bath Seat, etc).
Product Application  
At indoor, outdoor, everywhere.
Our Certificate  
BSCI, Many countries' patent certificates

Production Equipment  
Material Mixing machine, Injection machine, Crushing machine, Transfer machine, Shrinking machine, Packing machine, ect
Production Market  
Europe (France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, U.K.)
America (Canada, United States, Ecuador, Peru, El Salvador, REP. DOMINICANA, COSTA RICA)
Oceania (Australia)
Asia (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Vietnam)
Our Service  
We sincerely believe we're your best choice. Please feel free to ask for more details and we will be always at your service!
It will be our pleasure to establish a good and profitable business relationship with you in the near future.Baby Plastic Potty Seat factory

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