China Veterinary Disinfectant suppliers

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This product is a broad-spectrum insecticide, effective to all kinds of mites, ticks, lice, etc., mainly for contact toxicity, combined with gastric toxicity and drug abuse.The insecticidal action of diformamidine is to some extent related to its inhibition of monoamine oxidase, which is involved in the metabolism of amine neurotransmitters in the nervous system of worms such as ticks and mites.Due to the action of diformamidine, the blood-sucking arthropods become so excited that they cannot attach to the surface of the animal and fall off.The insecticidal effect of this product is relatively slow, generally 24 hours after use to make lice, ticks disintegration, 48 hours can make the mite from the affected part of the skin fall off.A single dose can maintain the efficacy for six to eight weeks and protect the animal from parasites.In addition, to big bee mite and small bee mite also have stronger insecticidal action.
Product Features
(1) The unique formula of this product is made of the raw material of Double nail beetle as the main ingredient, supplemented by emulsifier, stabilizer, synergist, etc.
(2) This product can stop itching and kill mites. It is not necessary to wash the pet's back hair after the bath, but to dry it with a hair dryer so that the liquid can continue to work on the pet.
(3) with a variety of poison mechanisms, can be mixed with organophosphorus and pyrethroids, avin and other pesticides, and can expand the insecticidal spectrum, have synergistic effect, can prevent and control the body surface and bee mite.
It is mainly used for the prevention and control of ectoparasite diseases of cattle, sheep and pigs, such as sarcoptic mite, itch mite, tick and lice, etc.It can also be used to repel bee mites
Q1.Are you GMP manufacture?
A: Yes,we are the animal injection veterinary medicine GMP factory with 10 years experiences since 2009.
Q2.What kind of veterinary dosage forms of your product?
A:We have 3 production lines include Liquid injection,Soluble Powder,Premix, Oral solution,Disinfectant, Powder injection, Pet medicine .China Veterinary Disinfectant suppliers

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