Steel Recycling Conveyor suppliers

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Our History
E-TECH (DALIAN) CO., LTD was established in October 2018. Business scope: Research and development and manufacturing of mechanical equipment, environmental protection equipment and transmission equipment; design and manufacture of metal products; assembly of electronic components; inspection and testing services; professional design services; import and export of goods and technologies;
Our Factory
Our factory is located in the beautiful coastal city-Dalian, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, It can provide processing according to the customer's drawing, accept customers' materials for processing, or design and product the goods all according to the customer's requirement. The company has more than 50 sets of advanced mechanical equipment. With rich experience in stainless steel processing and production and the ability to undertake large-scale projects and orders, and have a strong product design capacity and market base. Products are constantly innovative and diversified.
The products have been exported to japan, korea, Europe and America and many domestic cities for a long time. 70% of the products are exported to japan. After years of continuous exploration and development, the company has developed the production capacity of over 400 varieties in 15 categories in the fields of diet, medical treatment, pharmacy, construction, chemical engineering, environmental protection and logistics.
Our Product
1. Crusher and Shredder
2. Recycling Conveyor
3. Balers
4. Industrial Work Platform
5. Liquid level sensor
6. Liquid Storage Tank
7. Mixing Tank
8. Animal Trough
9. Diesel Generator Set
10. Alternator and Generator
Our company works on integrating effective resources, utilizing advanced technology and committing to provide customers with a reasonable one-stop package solution.
Product Application
Breaking, separating, cleaning and packaging of pre-packaged foods & drinks in dairy, food and beverage manufacturers;
The separated food, milk, etc. entered into the pig farm for a full range of system programs for ecological farming;
Bio-power generation of meal waste;
Solution of composting system
Production Equipment
Steel plate shearer, bending machine, welding machine, lathe, drilling machine, laser cutting machine, hydraulic machine
Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Our sales can speak fluent English, Japanese, and Korea for good communication.
Our Main Sales Market:
Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, India etc.
Our Service
◆ Quality: professional QC team, The products will be serious examined
◆ Cost: Cost down according to manufacturing process management. we carry out the production process management, to grasp the progress of the product at any time and submit progress reports to customers。
◆ Delivery: Provide the customer with the production schedule and follow it.
◆ Design: To customize the products according to customer's requirement
                 To make the detail production drawing according to customer's assembly drawing
◆ Service: Prenatal meeting, production schedule, material list review, production progress report, double check before delivery, logistics delivery report etc. to keep you get the most suitable packing solutionSteel Recycling Conveyor suppliers

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