cheap Mining Transformer

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Product description
Mine explosion-proof dry-type transformers are suitable for use in underground coal mines where the environment is humid and contains gas, coal dust and explosion hazards. It provides power for integrated mechanized coal mining equipment or hand-held electric drills and lighting.
Execution standard: IEC 60076,GB1094.1-2013
1. voltage level:6KV or 11kV;
2. Pressure regulation mode: no excitation voltage regulation
3. Tap range: ±5%
4. Capacity range: 50~1600kVA;
5. frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz;
6. single phase, three phase;
7. the junction group label: Yyo or Yd11 (or according to user requirements);
8. short-circuit impedance: in accordance with national standards or according to user requirements;
9. cooling method: AN
10. Rating plate: PCE brand or Customer brand.
Mine flameproof dry type transformer product features
• The core adopts high-magnetic high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet with small joints, low loss and low noise.
• Between the coil layers, the United States DuPont company NOMEX-410 insulation material, H-class heat-resistant grade, can run at 200 °C for a long time.
• The coil vacuum dipping paint, the impregnating paint completely penetrates into the deep layer of the coil. Dry curing at 160-170 ° C, high mechanical strength.
• The body is vacuum dried by a pressure swing method, and the surface of the body is covered with a layer of moisture-proof and anti-corona paint, which has good insulation properties.
• The shell is a rectangular large corrugated structure, the box cover and the box edge have a good flameproof surface, the shell can withstand the internal pressure of 1Mpa.
• The product has good heat dissipation performance and insulation performance, and can operate normally under harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature and high humidity.
Professional service
Pre-sales service: provide design consulting service in accordance with customer requirements, and provide separate design scheme according to different customer markets to make products more competitive.
After sales service:
• Our teams provide onsite installation, commissioning and after sales service.
• You will get free lifelong technical advice from our highly qualified engineers at Xiecheng. This will give you a lot of confidence when buying from our company.
• We guarantee the ongoing supply and preferential prices for spare and wearing parts.
• Our highly qualified team of service technicians are well equipped to keep your transformer operating at high efficience at all times.
cheap Mining Transformer

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