Auxiliary Equipment For Bottle Making Machine suppliers

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This Mold Temperature Control System has been designed to maintain a constant temperature, using water or oil as medium. Mold temperature controller is used to control temperature in various industrial fields.
TempWater 95 (120)°COil 150 (200°C)
Pump Power0.37Kw0.75Kw0.75Kw0.37Kw0.75Kw0.75Kw0.37Kw×20.75Kw×2
Max.Pump Volume40L/min100L/min120L/min40L/min100L/min120L/min40L/min×2120L/min×2
Max.Pump Pressure30m40m60m30m40m60m30m60m
Pump moldHorizontal
Cooling MethodDirect or indirect coolingIndirect cooling
Mold Connecting3/8″
External size (mm)580×350
1. Installed with imported pump has the features of high pressure, high stability and no leak.
2. Transparent level glass.
3. Complete safety devices, when any abnormal situation detected, the indicate light will display.
4. High precision temperature control.
5. Easy to install, convenient to operate.
6. Adopted with high efficiency oil cycle pump, achieve precise temperature controller and high efficient heat exchange.
7. Sufficient safety protection and visible alarm, easy for maintenance.
Delivery, Shipping And Serving
-Will be packed in wooden box before delivery.
-Wooden case packaging in factory to the port of destination if it is CNF term.
A: We provide detail machine technical specification, electric diagram, installation book, operating manual, drawings.
B: Standard voltage is 380V/3Phase/50Hz, or other voltage according to client's requirement.
Q1. How about price of this product?
A:  -- Our products manufactured strictly according to national and international standard.
-- We have CE, ISO certification.
-- We take a test on every product before delivery.
Q2. What is the MOQ?
A: 1 set.Auxiliary Equipment For Bottle Making Machine suppliers

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