China Plastic Box Thermoforming Machine factory

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Product Details:
Performance and Characteristics:
Plastic takeaway box thermoforming machine is fully automatic, which is for producing PP, PS, PET, PLA and PVC plastic packages, such as plastic box, tray, bowl, plate, lid/cover, egg tray, etc. It can produce different plastic packages with changing different molds. This plastic takeaway box thermoforming machine is easy to install the mold, and it adopts PLC control, touch screen operation, easy to operate. This forming, punching and cutting incorporated machine designed by our company is all-powerful. Forming, punching, cutting, and stacking are done in the same machine, saving labor, improving efficient, lowing labor intensity and reducing production cost.
Finished Samples:

Technical Parameter:

Frequently Asked Question:
Q: What's the main market of your company?
A: We have exported machines to Germany, Poland, Albania, Macedonia, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, U.A.E, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, Taiwan and etc.
Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are a factory, who is manufacture plastic thermoforming machine for plastic takeaway box, container, tray, lid, cover, egg tray, etc.
Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A: We have passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System and CE certificate and we have a special QC department in charge of products' quality.
Q: After-sale service:
A: 1.We will guarantee the machine quality for 1 year.
2. We provide 7 days free installation and training for new machine.
Q: What is the auxiliary machine for this plastic thermoforming machine?
A: Water Chiller and Air Compressor.

Machine Detailed Pictures:

Machine Loading:
Components Brands:China Plastic Box Thermoforming Machine factory

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