flexible kapton heater price

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12V/ 24V heating element Kapton heater with 3M adhesive
Specifications for Silicone rubber heater pad
Polyimide is a thin, lightweight organic polymer film which provides excellent tensilestrength, tear resistance and dimensional stability. The polyimide heater is ideal for applications requiring low outgassing in a vacuum, or resistance to radiation, fungus and chemicals.
We usually say it is polyimide heaters. This is is very thin,the thickness is about 0.3mm,it is very light,so it is widely used on 3D printer.the normal size for 3D printer are follow.
Excellent physical and electrical propertiesResults in thermal stability over a wide temperature range
Transparent polyimide materialAllows inspection of internal details
Resistance of radiation and fungusAllows it to be used in a wide range of applications
With 20 years experience, Hongtai Alloy is your trusted source for quality 12v/24v heating element kapton heater with 3m adhesive as one of the leading suppliers of various heaters in China. Providing you with the most competitive price, we welcome you to buy the heater from our factory.flexible kapton heater price

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