Kid Leashes manufacturers

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Anti Lost Toddler Leash
Model / Description                
Item Size: 1.5m               
Color: Red,black, or customized               
Item Weight(g)  120        
Logo: JLD or Customized              
Material: soft double layers of hook & loop, soft sponge pad
Packing: 1Pcs/OPP bag,free for OPP bag,or customized              
M.O.Q: 200            
Lead-Time: 7-10 working days               
Sampling-Time: 1 working days,Sample for free                     
Payment Term: TT,PayPal,VISA,e-Checking,Western Union
OEM/ODM: Available

Keep toddlers close to you and at the same time give them independence during indoor or outdoor activities.
Easy to use: All you need to do is connect the wristbands to adult’s and kids’ hands respectively. The shrinking chain can extend up to 1.5 meters and the wrist strap circumference of kids hand side (the smaller side) can be adjusted up to 14 CM.
Soft & Comfortable: soft double layers of hook and loop for kids’ hands, not easy to take off by themselves. The size of wrist strap can be adjusted according to your need, the soft sponge pad in the wrist strap make it comfortable to wear for both adult and kids.
Durable: The connecting rope is made of stainless steel and wrapped with plastic, never worry this safety harness will be cut by knife. It is linked to the wrist straps with metal connectors that can freely rotate 360 degrees.
Anti-lost: Only used to prevent children from losing when they go out, but do not prevent children from falling down and can’t be used as a walking training equipment. Suggest for children aged 4 and over.
1.Question: Does this inhibit the toddler's sense of freedom/independence? Does it seem like they can tell they are on a leash so to speak? If that makes sense?
Answer: The longer one seems to reinforce boundaries so to say. Neither of kids pull on it they can go faster or slower and do their own thing.. It really doesn’t harm them and more freedom then holding their hands.
2.Question: I have an 8 yr old severely autistic son would this fit an older kids wrist?
Answer: The max it can fasten 5.5 inches.
3.Question: Where is this made?
Answer: Made in China. Kid Leashes manufacturers

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