China Silicone Anti-Foaming Agent manufacturers

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※Our History
Zibo Senlos Import & Export Co.,Ltd is founded in 2008 as a leading supplier of quality raw materials sourced from leading global meet the needs of Industrial,Food,Pharmaceutical etc.Such as:Water treatment Chemical,Pharmaceutical Excipients,SBR & NBR Latex,Floor Hardener,Flame Retardant etc field customers throughout Southeast Asia,Middle East,USA,South America,Africa etc all over the world.
Our focus is on fully understanding your business needs and then find the right solution to those needs means you can have confidence in chemical products that we supply.Our suppliers include global manufactures from around the world.This is means that we can ideally placed to supply your needs irrespective of the requirement.
Welcome to contact and seeking cooperate with you!
※Our Product
Zibo Senlos Import & Export supplies specialty chemicals including,but not limited to:
1. Water Treatment Chemicals---Widely used for purification of drinking water, industrial effluent treatment, municipal sewage, cosmetic additives or ingredients, paper making sizing, tanning, etc;
2. Pharmaceutical Excipients (Cyclodextrin & Its Series)---Widely uesd for Medicine,Chemical Analysis,Daily Chemical,Environment Protection,Agricultural,food etc field;
3. SBR/NBR Latex & Its Series---Widely used for making gloves,carpet,Bitumen&Cement etc Industrial field;
4. Floor Hardener(Silicate Salt)---Widely used for concrete curing agent,inorganic zinc rich coating etc;
5. Flame Retardant--widely used as a kind of environment-friendly additive halogen-free flame retardant;
6. Alumina Series--Widely used for all kinds of Industrial,Such as:Ceramic,LED sapphire crystals, aerospace, optical materials etc field;
7. Other Industrial Chemicals
Our focused approach allows us to be leader in these market applications,We do a few things very well.
To partner with manufacture of most advanced and high-tech systems to establish life long customer relationships where our commitment to service,support and training exceeds all expectations.
※Our Certificate
The certificate of Zibo Senlos Import&Export Co.,Ltd:
Quality Control:
Standard Assessment (ISO,SGS etc)
Shipment Inspection
Pre-shipment laboratory testing
Coordination in port of loading
Shipment to any port in the world by Sea,Air,Land etc
※Our service
Why Choose Zibo Senlos Import&Export Co.,Ltd
Based on long-term relationships with our suppliers we are confident to offer best quality products at competitive prices.Starting from small container lots up to full vessel charters, we put our emphasis on professional and punctual order processing.
As a matter of customer service we are taking care of the transportation to the port of destination as well as our flexibility in terms of payment conditions – all to our customer’s satisfaction.
Such as:The order from discussing,confirm,production arranged to ship booking and shipping documents etc will be in charge by one salesman.
Quality Control:
Standard Assessment (ISO,SGS etc)
Shipment Inspection
Pre-shipment laboratory testing
Coordination in port of loading
Shipment to any port in the world by Sea,Air,Land etcChina Silicone Anti-Foaming Agent manufacturers

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