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Galvanized Carbon Steel Tee
Professional pipe fittings and flanges manufacturer Metleader supplies high quality galvanized carbon steel tee. Galvanized Tee is a small zinc-plated connection pipe, mainly used to connect galvanized pipe, the so-called "three-way", that is, there are three ports, you can connect three pipes.
Standards of galvanized carbon steel tee: ANSI B16.9, ASME, MSS SP, DIN, GOST, JIS2220, EN
Size: 1/2"-72inch
Wall Thickness: sch10, sch20, sch30, std, sch40, sch60, xs, sch80, sch100, sch120, sch140, sch160, xxs, sch5s, sch20s, sch40s, sch80s
Material of galvanized carbon steel tee: Carbon Steel: A105 A234
Third Party Inspection:
We offer to our clients the third party inspection of Galvanized Carbon Steel Tee from reputed agencies such as PDIL, BV, DPG, SGS and many others.
Application of galvanized carbon steel tee:
• Chemical
• Construction
• Shipbuilding
• Steel Plant
• Railway
• Engineering
• Petrochemical
• Refineries• Power Plant
• Nuclear Power
• Oil & Gas
• Paper
• Breweries
• Oil Mills
• Mining
The price of galvanized carbon steel tee:
1. Metleader one-stop procurement platform, sold products are 100% authentic materials, please rest assured to buy. Because the steel is a commodity by domestic and international economic factors and raw materials price fluctuations, the platform price is the reference price, the actual transaction price please consult customer service staff, to reach a consensus after the purchase, thank you!
2. The price of steel by raw materials, material requirements, specifications and other effects, the performance of the market price varies.
3. By the price fluctuations in raw materials, steel spot procurement process, all materials in accordance with the time of the purchase of the purchase price, but if the agreed period of money is not recorded in time, will not be able to guarantee the corresponding transaction price, please make sure that timely payment to ensure that price changes bring unnecessary trouble.
4. If you need to custom-made special steel varieties, special length, price in accordance with the contract price for the delivery price, therefore, after the contract signed, the prepayment (deposit) in the agreed time, the price of steel sales contract, if overdue, the market will not be able to guarantee the price of the contract, please reserve sufficient time to do so in advance.Pipe Tee suppliers

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