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Hangzhou Hangshen Energy-Saving Furnace Co.,Ltd. Is the production of energy-saving electric resistance furnace and of the professional manufacturers of industrial furnaces, the first fastener industry association member units, zhejiang province, the company was founded in 1990, organized by super resistance to industrial company, hangzhou enterprise, in 1996 changed its name to hangzhou HangShen energy-saving furnaces co., LTD. Since its inception the company has always adhere to science and technology and the deepening reform. Over the years through the company all staff´s continuous efforts and explore, proud achievements obtained. Is district environmental protection bureau rated industrial furnace drainage standard.
In recent years, my company in the center of the energy conservation, energy research institute of zhejiang province, provincial design two institute, zhejiang university jointly developed RJ - 55-9 type high efficiency and energy saving of pit type furnace (patent no. 2 347301 IL92), RZG series vacuum furnace, and other products, has successfully to the market, and identified by the provincial science and technology commission, fill the domestic blank, belong to domestic initiation, won the first prize in the latest technology achievements, the first China jinbang technology products, a number of exposition gold medal. Company to provide clients with all kinds of heat treatment equipment, products include such as air, oil, electric heating carrier of pit type furnace, standard parts industry vacuum annealing furnace, trolley furnace, box-type furnace, push rod furnace, roller furnace, liquid ammonia decomposition furnace, steel wire of the bearing industry article spheroidizing annealing furnace, furnace, total fiber split bell type furnace, gas incinerator, cylinder, fuel heating furnace, quenching furnace, tempering furnace, phosphating, blast furnace and so on more than 30 varieties of more than hundreds kinds of products.
The company´s marketing network covering the whole country more than 20 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. Product level high cost performance and perfect after-sales service is our unremitting pursue goal. Company according to the current developments in the field of industrial application potential and develop suitable for drawing, small and medium enterprises, large plate round wire annealing strong convective spheroidizing annealing furnace (combination and production technology in Japan, Europe, Taiwan), and invited Taiwan industrial furnace manufacturing engineers to guide the work, the no.1 stable performance, the comprehensive indexes conform to the requirements, production is ranked the forefront, by the customer the consistent high Methanol Decomposition Furnace

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