Odm Profile Wrapping Machine China

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◆Our History
Guangzhou Hessan wood working machinery Co., LTD is located in guangzhou, China.Since its establishment in 2000, the creation of brand "Hessan". For all sorts of plank, profiles surface decoration. And develop the product research and development, and provide effective and solution.
◆Our Factory
Hessan machinery Since establishment of company, our products has exported for over twenty countries.Provide professional lamination technique and decoration manufacture equipment for global panel furniture,building materials,profile etc industry.
◆Our Product
Wrapping machine, laminating machine
◆Product Application
For all sorts of plank, profiles surface decoration.
◆Our Certificate
We succeeded passing ISO9001:2008 authentication and CE authentication.
◆Production Market
Now we exported our products to over 20 countries and which enjoyed a very good reputation from our clients.
◆Our service
We have many years experience in studying the adhesive. Our CEO, factory director and chief technical persons have more than 10 year experience in this industry. We can provide various of projects for our clients. Compared with the similar products sellers, our advantage is not only the machine, but also the people. We have very deep understanding of the adhesive.We do not only sell the machine, but also provide the skill in usage and service. We can solve the problem very quickly, help the clients to start the production without delay too much.Odm Profile Wrapping Machine China

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