China Car Painting Kitchen suppliers

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Durable and Scratch-resistant  High Quality Modern Glossy Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet in Different Colors
Kitchen cabinet door panel
High Gloss painted cabinet doors are known in Europe as Lacquered doors. The doors are manufactured with a 18mm thick mdf core and your choice of color that is applied to the face and edges of the door, the back side is color normally white matte melamine finish.
We have specialized production line, dirt-free spray booth, professional bakery, AKZO NOBEL American imported paint remaining bright color even after very long time use. All the lacquer door panel finished by 32 steps, from the board cutting up, priming paint, surface paint , polishing, high temperature baking.
What makes our doors different from everything else out there is a strict aging process that doors undergo through; between each layer of primer, paint and high gloss coating the doors are aged in a special temperature controlled room creating stability and the best possible finish of the doors.
Kitchen furniture must be impressive not only due to its light and clear appearance, but also the interplay of various storage spaces that are so important for the daily activities in the kitchen must be perfectly synchronized.
For this reason, we pay particular attention to a number of additional functions and possibilities for storage space when developing our range of kitchens, and user-friendliness is always one of the most important criteria. Ergonomic cabinet heights as well as servo-drive for floor cupboards and hanging cabinets make working in the kitchen easier. Precisely the kitchen plans presented here with their attention to design will surprise you with the wide range of fittings that can be perfectly aligned with your individual wishes. During either the planning phases for the entire kitchen or when selecting their interior fittings, our kitchens always stand for maximal possibilities.China Car Painting Kitchen suppliers

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