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Our History
In 2017, HIONE was honored with the top ten brands of gas stoves and the top ten brands of kitchen appliances; shortlisted for upgrading the list of consumer products; The brand positioning was more focused and brand marketing was on the fast track.
In 2016, HIONE was honored as a top ten employer in Zhongshan District and developed international markets such as Malaysia successfully, the fire king's globalization has been accelerated!
The year of king’s returning. HIONE, deeply integrated marketing layout, was elected as China National Hardware Association governing hood club and having won the Guangdong Gas Association, the fifth vice president of the unit.
HIONE re-adjust the marketing strategy to accurate position the kitchen appliance marker. With talent staffs, complete management system, upgrading technical support, the rapid construction of industrial park, HIONE has become more and more competitive.
HIONE issued the ‘List of Baoan District Private Enterprise Growth Plan Project Enterprise” in January 2013.
Chang Hanyu signed as HIONE’s spokesperson. The new round marketing promoting was ready. Industrial Park officially put into use and the production was develop into a new level.
In 2012, HIONE won the “green energy”, “blue flame” double certification from CGC Certification Center, in the same time, won the national high-tech enterprises title.
HIONE concentrated our efforts on the production. HIONE won the certification of international standard product which technology and quality have received the approval and affirmation from the international.
HIONE promoted the more high-end brand image, “HIONE is better”, all over the country. Cooperated with the best terminal design, production design and marketing planning companies, the new modern manufacturing base has broken ground.
HIONE was named as the vice president of Guangdong Province Gas Association. Officially proposed the theme of this year, “strengthening the foundation source of sustainable development”, from product quality, human resources and marketing three fundamental factors to solid HIONE’s foundation.
HIONE strengthened the manufacturing capacity and quality control, expanding the talent pool, combining culture into the personal behavior. Combine the individual development plan with the company’s business development to create a fusion of the team.
HIONE passed GB/T24001-2004 and ISO14004 : 2004 environmental management system. The product of gas water heater was listed in household electrical appliances in 2009. Winning the bidder of “home appliances going to the countryside “project twice. HIONE entered the second period of rapid development by advertising in CCTV.
HIONE successfully restructured and made the rapid development by adhering to the reform motto, “stable, adjustment, development and innovation”.
HIONE awards the “Green Product Award” from China Environmental Protection Foundation, Guangdong top brand and famous brand and “consumer trust of the well-known brand” from China Consumers Association.
HIONE ‘s household gas hob and water heater passed National Certification Center CGC certification.
Pass the ISO9001 : 2000 international quality system.
HIONE launched the first generation of embedded gas stove with air swirler and stove vented these two national patents. HIONE entered into a sustained and stable development.
Entered the ranks of one hundred million yuan output value in recent years, products became serialization and diversification.
Pass the ISO9002 international quality system and access the gas water heater production license.
The brand of “HIONE” was granted by the national trademark registration and won the national best-selling domestic commodity Golden Bridge Award
Establish market position - HIONE is the sign of a well off family. In the High-quality, high-priced strategy, HIONE present grandly for the first time in CCTB by invested heavily in advertising.
1992, HIONE was found in Shenzhen.

Factory Profile
SHENZHEN HIONE GAS APPLIANCE CO., LTD (“HIONE” in short below) Found in 1992, located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province of China Mainland, covering an area of around 25333 square meters, with 350 employees. As the leading draftsman of China National Standard of gas appliance, HIONE specialize in gas hob, range hood, gas water heater, electric water heater, integrated cooker, disinfection cabinet, steam oven, oven, gas boiler. We are a global top gas appliance manufacturer and supplier and we will try our best to send our top products to more places of the world.

HIONE is a comprehensive high-end kitchen appliances manufacturers which includes independent research, production, sales and service capabilities. Moreover, HIONE is one of the few export enterprises which has completely independent intellectual property rights and its own kitchen appliance brand.

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