SiMn furnace suppliers

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Company info.
Shaanxi Chengda Industry Furnace Make Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which specialize in the researching, designing, manufacturing, installing, and debugging work regard to the AC/DC steel making electric arc furnace, ladle refinery furnace, ferroalloy submerged arc furnace, ferroalloy refinery furnace, electro slag re-melting furnace, non-standard metallurgical equipments, thermo processing equipments and all kinds of relevant environment de-dusting equipments.
Our company is located in the world known old city with long history---Xi’an.
The produce designing and manufacturing capacity of our company can be maximum 100T for electric arc furnace, 160T for ladle refinery furnace, and from 3600KVA to 33000KVA for the capacity of submerged arc furnace. The high and low voltage compensating system, dust collecting system, direct currect furnace for ferroalloy, new energy equipments which are suitable for the practical operation are designed on the basis of state industrial policy.
Technical Strength:
Chengda Company, which takes business philosophy of “People-oriented, quality win”as guidance, owns a group of engineering technical personnel and management personnel with high knowledge level, proficient business ability and rich experience. Chengda always keep in innovation and development of new technology for metallurgical equipment on the basis of combination of advanced technology of both domestic area and abroad. High performance metallurgical equipment and environmental dust collecting equipment are all developed and manufactured by us, and also provide Customer with the best pre-sales/after sale service. Now we have 139staff in total, among which 46 are technical engineering personnel(5 senior engineers, 2 senior consultants, 26technical engineering technicians and 13 project managers).
Quality System:
We adopts scientific and normalized management mode, passed ISO9001 International quality management system certification, and achieved the installation certificate for electromechanical equipment and design/construction certificates of environmental engineering that issued by State Ministry of Construction, which can guarantee the relatively high level of our technology, equipment quality, and engineering management.
Manufacturing Capability:
Our company have four professional manufacturing factories with complete manufacturing equipment which ensure the good condition of product manufacturing, assembling and testing. Since large scale electric furnace equipment is always non standard equipment, thus the strict check and control shall be carried out toward each process in production. Equipment shall be checked periodically as per equipment operation and management to ensure the accuracy of equipment machining to satisfy production needs. Special working processing route shall be mode for special working procedure, and choosing special equipment and clamping tools. Responsibility-position setting operation shall be made to strengthen inspection and supervision.
The predominance on our project (Development):
The utilizationof high slag and common slag(building materials industry)
The process of titanium slag smelting (High titanium slag and Acid slag)
The finery of Micro carbon ferrochrome and de-dusting equipment (Smelting low carbon)
The utilization on the equipment of hydrogen energy cracking (new energy and non-standard equipment)
The equipment of Non-ferrous metal on holds smelting (Cobalt alloy copper and zinc powder)
Large-arc furnace and environmental de-dusting equipment (ferronickel and Industrial silicon)
Steel smelting and refining equipment (steel-making and casting)SiMn furnace suppliers

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