Veneer Cutting Knife grinding

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Product Details- Veneer slicing knife
Dimension2750 x 200 x 16mm
MaterialDifferent alloy steel
Inlay width: 75-80mm, change according to the knife width
Edge angle21°
ToleranceLength: +/-2mm, Width: +2, -1mm, Thickness: +/-0.2mm
Lead Time1-2 months
OptionsFinished or semi-finished knives
Different kinds of Peeling machines (peeling wooden panel), Regular Rotary Lathe, Vertical slicer, horizontal slicer, etc.
The following are some of our regular specification: (mm)
1500 x 200 x 161400 x 70 x 12
2760 x 200 x 161760 x 70 x 12
1400 x 180 x 161940 x 95 x 15
1500 x 180 x 162000 x 56 x 13
2820 x 180 x 192750 x 80 x 8
2100 x 180 x 162050 x 70 x 12
We could also manufacture according to your drawings.
Packing method and packaging photos of Veneer slicing knife
Normal packing method: Edge protected by plastic strip; knife covered by oil paper ; put in the wooden case; fasten the wooden case.
Product process diagram of Veneer slicing knife
Our Advantages
Ensured quality of raw material, since they are purchased from big steel factory.
Excellent hardness, small thermal deformation.
Quality surface finish.
Lower yearly knife consumption costs.
Strict QC system, no unqualified products will be delivered.
1. Payment Terms: 100% TT in advance, or 50%TT in advance and balance before shipping.
2. How do you deliver the knives?
 --Shipping by air, by sea or express.For long large wood slicing knife, customers normally choose shipping by sea.
3. Can you do OEM? –Yes!
4. How can we know that you deliver the quality products?
--We can send product photos or inspection report as you request.
5. When can we get the price?
--We will reply you in 1 or 2 days.Veneer Cutting Knife grinding

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