Customized Bimetallic Barrel Injection Molding Machine

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Our History
Zhejiang Jiayue Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD. located in Zhoushan city, close to Ningbo and Shanghai. Through decades' development, we have got a good reputation in the industry.  
Our Factory
Our factory is one of domestic manufacturers that specialize in designing and manufacturing high-precision screws and barrels. What's more, our engineers are also experts in designing superior screws to meet with the customers’satisfaction. With professional spirit, we are manufacturing first-rate products.
Our Product
screw and barrel for plastic machines.
Nitride screw and barrel
Bimetallic screw and barrel
Chrome-plated screw
Through Hardened screw
PVC screw
Rubber screw
>Product Application
Screw and barrel for plastic machines such as injection molding machines, extruders, blowing molding machines and rubber machines. Cooperate Injection machines: , HAITIAN, NISSEI, ENGEL, JSW, HAITAI, YIZUMI, CHEN HSONG, Borch, etc.
Production Equipment
High-precision manufacturing equipment, to ensure the superior quality of the product:
1. Manufacturing line for milling and thread cutting.
2. Nitriding oven
3. PTA Bimetallic spray equipment
4. Centrifugal casting equipemnt
5. CAD SCREW DESIGNER software for quick and accurate product programming and design.
6. Testing and measuring machine
Production Market
For domestic markets: we have sold our screw and barrel to dozens of plastic machine suppliers and users all over China.
For international market: we have long-term cooperation with South-eastern customers. also having exported to India, Bangladesh, Egypt, the Middle East, Asia, Jordan, South Africa, etc. Having good reputation on our high precise products.
We will continue to work hard to make progress to win more customer support and a broader market.
Our service
Offer the best solutions according to the customers' need.
1. measure, design and manufacture of barrel screw accessories;
2. follow-up duly during the process of production;
3. Warranty of delivery;
4. good after-sales service.Customized Bimetallic Barrel Injection Molding Machine

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