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VS.4323TP board is a suitable Sharp Open cell TCON board, the main chip using professional FPGA driver IC, with mature GAMMA, VCOM circuit, support LVDS format 1920x1080 signal input, to restore the clear display.
  1, professional-grade FPGA, stable and reliable performance.
  2, TFT LCD dedicated POWER, GAMMA IC, high stability.
  3, Support LVDS 1920x1080 signal input.
  4, Output signal resolution Mini-LVDS 1920x1080.
  5, using a unique interpolation algorithm, font display clear, excellent color display.
  6, perfect power protection mechanism, the input signal detection is normal, automatically start the power.
Specification parameter
signal inputinput
8-Bit LVDS Signal 1920x1080
Mini-LVDS Signal 1920x1080
voltage input12V DC
Voltage outputVgh30V
output interface(FPC-80PIN-0.5)*2
suit panel40寸 4790JXTM-4791JXTM
46寸 K4788TP-K4789TP
Power Sequence
TCON Board Electrical Specifications
Power Supply Input VoltageVDD11.41212.6Vdc
Power Supply Ripple VoltageVRP
Power Supply CurrentIDD-1.22A
Power ConsumptionPDD-14.424Watt
Rush CurrentIRUSH--5.0A
InterfaceDifferential Input High
Threshold VoltageVLVTH+300+400+500mV
Differential Input Low
Threshold VoltageVLVTL-300-400-500mV
Common Input VoltageVLVC1.21.31.4mV
Details Photos
Function Descriptor
Function Descriptor
1Open Cell interface2LVDS signal and power input
General Precautions
Relative humidity: ≤80%
Storage temperature: -10~60℃
Operation temperature: 0~40℃
The whole machine assembly and transportation process should pay attention to ESD.
Don't let the board deformation or distortion when the whole machine assembly.
Please disconnect the LCD panel, before setting the right LCD power supply voltage; otherwise it may cause the damage of the LCD Panel.
When the board is working, its surface cannot contact with metal material.
 Our Workshop showing:
Our factory is located at Dongguan, Guangdong Province, which has 500 staffs and1 0,000 Square meters.
Our Main Partner:
 Our R&D Instruments:
Our Certification:
Delivery and Payment terms and Packing.
We accept FOB, EXW, CIF delivery terms.
For payment terms, LC, T/T or Cash is available, other payment terms by negotiation.
We are strict to follow up Export Package Standard before shipment.
Packing details as below:
Q: Where are you located? How can I get there?
A:We are in Baoan District Shenzhen City and in very convenient traffic condition on Line 5 subway.
Shenzhen Videoscape Technology CO,LTD
Q:What's your MOQ?
A: We have no limits for quantity.
Q: What is your payment terms?
A: L/C ,T/T,and Cash. We welcome  payment terms which can be both workable and convenient for two sides.
Q: Is possible do the models with our brand and all artwork in our language?
A:We can customized all designs as clients’ requirements.
Q: Could you provide TV in SKD form?
A: Yes, we are experienced in providing in SKD form with all detailsTCON Board in stock

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