Laboratory Furniture And Equipment manufacturers

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※ Our History
Founded in 2009, FNLAB (fnlaboratory) has an experienced designer and engineer management team, 4 registered constructors, 2 registered HVAC engineers, 2 registered environmental engineers, 2 registered water and drainage engineers, and 1 registered safety engineer. Registered cost engineer 3, the company focuses on overseas laboratory engineering construction services.
※ Our Factory
The company is located in the beautiful city of Guangzhou, China, with a modern production workshop, product testing center, sterile laboratory, exhibition hall a total of 8600 square meters.
※ Our Product
LAB Design And Construction;LAB Furniture And Equipment;Clean Room Materials And Equipment;LAB Ventilation;Laboratory environmental protection.
※ Product Application
General hospitals, biopharmaceuticals, food and beverages, chemicals, research institutions, testing agencies, immigration, commodity inspection, agriculture, schools, etc.
※ Our Certificate
Business License, China Credit Enterprise Credit Certification, China Quality Assurance Business Certification, ISO Certification, Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, Decoration Engineering Design and Construction Qualification
※ Production Equipment
CNC laser cutting 4 sets, CNC bending machine 6 sets, automatic welding machine, spraying production line, corrosion-resistant table panel processing production line
※ Production Market
Egypt NCFA National Fisheries Breeding Base, American University Cairo Campus, Syrian National Key Laboratory, Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Pakistan), etc.
※ Our service
FNLAB (fnlaboratory) has a wealth of overseas laboratory engineering construction experience, designed in accordance with international modern laboratory standards, all products use bar code management, accurate to each room, send project managers to your construction site to guide the installation, a pair of after-sales service engineers A follow-up consultation allows you to focus on scientific research and stay away from worry.Laboratory Furniture And Equipment manufacturers

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