Women's Belt manufacturers

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Product description锛?/strong>
This is a normal jean belt, but the irregular buckle make it attractive, instead of a common round or square buckle, this buckle break the limit of traditional shape and become more vivid and mordern.
Price: The price is available according to different requirement. If any styles are over your price range, we can discuss further, we will make effort to meet your demands. .
Color shade
Item:black belt women's fashion
SpecificationW: 2.4 CM
Color:lots of colors are available, or customized
Packing:labelled and packed as your request. Stuff or without stuff are both OK
Shipping & Delivery:20-25 days lead time; deliver by ship from Ningbo port or Shanghai port
1. Solid appearance.
2. Enough capacity.
3. Smooth edge painting.
4. Neat stitching.
5. Classical design.
6. Match for all situation.
鈼?We have been engaged in accessories export for more than 20 years.
鈼?We have complete production technology and management.
鈼?As a manufacturer our price is competitive and quality can be controlled better.
鈼?1000 samples a month and 7-10 days lead time for sample can be assured in our sampling room.
Labelled and packed as your request. Stuff or without stuff are both OK.
Q: Could you send the samples to me?
A: Yes, we can offer the free samples for each style. But you need to pay for the carrier fee.
Q: What is your main market and main clients?
A; our main market is European countries and most of our clients are big chain stores and retailers
Q: What is MOQ for order?
A: 500 pcs for each color/each style.Women's Belt manufacturers

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